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About us

Do you know who we are?

Settled as locksmiths in Ibiza since 1998.

We have an extensive network of fixed clients such as real estate agents, insurers, hotels, multi-service companies and a long experience with property managers.

We are a family business , therefore the knowledge and experiences on locksmithing are transmitted from generation to generation.

  • Ibiza locksmith with ISO certificate
  • Cerrajero Ibiza with Bona certificate
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How can we help you?

These are some of the services that our Ibiza locksmiths carry out.


Tell us what you want to install and we will help you


We perform maintenance tasks

Locksmith Ibiza price and services


If there's something broken, we'll fix it


If it can not be fixed, we replace it

Locksmith Ibiza price

Door opening service:
From 50 €

Safe opening:
100 €

Welding work:
25 € / H

Replacing security bulbs:
from € 60

Serreta Bulbs:
from 50 €

Installation of overlay locks:
from 70 €

High security central closures for roller blind:
from € 200

Car opening:
50 €

Aluminum sliding closures:
50 €

Crossbow door lights:
60 €

10 €

Bulbs with an incopiable key:
from 85 €

Our locksmiths move to the whole island of Ibiza (Santa Eulària, San Antonio, San Jose, San Juan, Ibiza Town). You can also buy or repair your safe, as we are the only locksmiths in Ibiza from the technical service of ARFE and ARREGUI.

Why do we offer such important discounts in relation to other locksmiths?

The answer is simple. The current crisis and the strong competition that is being created in the sector of the locksmith in Ibiza has forced the entrepreneurs of the sector to lower prices to be more competitive.

Another fundamental reason is that we are a family business, we do not accept subcontracts, nor do jobs commissioned by other companies that take a very high percentage on the final price, thus considerably increasing the amount of the invoice and Finally, the customer pays for it.

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